August 29, 2011

Activity Bags - Part Four.

I made my last few activity bags for our trip tonight.

I had my husband help with this one. It's a small Pringles can that he drilled so that Red can push pencils through the lid. He really enjoys his hammer bench, so I think he'll like this mini version. I like how hubby showed his crafty side by decorating it with duct tape.

I also made an I Spy bottle using a small Coke bottle and birdseed. There are posts about these all over, and a Google search will give a lot of ideas for fillers. I may have used too many objects, but I included some pom poms, foam shapes, beads, and pencil grippers.

The last bag I put together was filled with his pretend cutting fruit. I thought he might enjoy matching the fruit pieces and pulling apart the velcro. Another great idea is to take a block and put velcro on it, then place velcro on the bottom of a few toys and let your child stick and unstick the toys.

While not an activity bag, per se, we are going to be taking a measuring tape. Red loves to pull the tape and let it snap back in. He also like to pretend to measure things. And we will be taking a collection of books. I tried to select books that were small and offered an element of interactivity.

Hopefully this makes our traveling time a little easier!

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