August 26, 2011

Activity Bags - Part One.

We are getting ready to go on a trip to see family. It will be Red's first plane ride. I'm a little nervous, but I'm trying to think positively and be prepared. I've seen some great posts about toddler activity bags and thought I'd make some for the journey. Basically, activity bags are just a ziploc bag filled with small items that will entertain your child. I'm planning to make quite a few and stuff them into our suitcase and carry-on for those fussy travel times.

Here are a few that I've put together. Once you start thinking about it, there are so many possibilities! A Google search yields a lot of great sites on the topic. I'm planning to do several more posts on this.

This is a toy we made a few weeks back that Red LOVES. We used a cardboard circular box and wooden discs from Michaels and decorated them with stickers just to add some flair. We take it to restaurants and it occupies him while we wait for our food. Our friends were amazed how patiently and intently he plays with this. He likes to try to fit two or three at a time. Of course, not only the wooden discs can go in the box. If you're an industrious toddler, your corn from dinner can go in there or straw wrappers, sugar packets, the possibilities are endless!

These little critters also came from Michaels. We did a simple cut down the middle and it turned into a great matching/puzzle game. Red isn't quite able to fit the pieces together the right way, but he enjoys trying to match them and talking about the animals.

And of course, we had to make an activity pack with blocks. I chose two different kinds. He enjoys both, and they are challenging in different ways.

More to come!

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