August 28, 2011

Activity Bags - Part Three

I worked on a few more simple activity bags tonight.

The first is just a pen, pad of paper and stickers. It's amazing how something so simple can entertain a toddler for quite some time.

Next I grabbed a toilet paper roll and a practice golf ball. Red enjoys pushing the ball through the tube. Again, a really simple, free game that can hold his attention for a surprisingly long time.

Finally, I took some pop beads and foam shapes and mixed them into a ball of homemade play-doh I had in the fridge. A little treasure hunt makes playing with play-doh even more fun. I'm also bringing a golf tee that he can stick into the play-doh to make holes or we can write with it. (Note: the beads are a definite choking hazard, so I'll be watching him like a hawk while he plays with this.)

As you can see, you don't have to spend a lot of money to come up with activities to engage your toddler. All of these used items I already had at my house!

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