August 27, 2011

Activity Bags - Part Two.

I worked on a few more activity bags for our trip. Some of them I'm taking on the plane to keep Red busy, and some of them will go in our checked luggage to help occupy him in the car or at Papa's house.

I picked up some small magnets and paper clips. Obviously, I will have to watch him extremely closely with the paper clips (choking hazard), but he'll be on my lap the whole flight, so I'll be able to keep them out of his mouth. He may enjoy playing with the magnets in the terminal while we wait for our flight as well. I'm sure we can find some metal chair legs or something!

I also gathered up some miscellaneous containers for an open/close bag. I tried to find things that weren't too difficult to open so that they wouldn't frustrate him too much. I included a toothbrush holder, a barette, a band-aid case, a contact case, and a travel hairbrush.

Lastly, I bought a Mr. Potato Head toy for Red. I think he'll enjoy pushing the pegs into the holes to attach the facial features. He's also really interested in body parts now. He points to my face saying, "Eyes," or he will point to my nose, mouth, hair, etc., waiting for me to name them all. It will be good fine motor practice as well vocabulary.

I have a few more ideas for bags that I'll post tomorrow!

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