August 24, 2011

Magazine Mosaic Collage.

We did a quick art project today. I had tried this a couple weeks ago with tape, but Red wasn't that interested. Today with the homemade "glue," however, it was a different story.

First we ripped up pieces of magazine.The ripping was still a little tough for him, but he enjoyed crinkling the pieces up in his fists.

Then I made the "glue." I can't remember where I saw the recipe for this, but it's just 3 tbsp. of flour with water mixed in until it develops a pasty consistency (think papier mache). We started off dipping the pieces into the glue and sticking them onto the paper.

 That worked, but the glue was really thick and oozed out around the edges. What we found that worked even better was smearing the glue onto the paper with our hands, and then sticking the paper onto that.

And that's all there was to it! It kept his attention for about 10 minutes or so, and then he started throwing the magazine pieces onto the floor. It was an easy clean-up, though, because he loves to throw things in the trash. I cleaned up the table, and he cleaned up the floor, and we were done in no time!

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