September 23, 2011

Mess-Free Finger Painting.

In the few times that Red has finger painted, he hasn't been as enthusiastic as I was expecting. He will put his index fingers in the paint, but he doesn't want to get his whole hand in it. I thought maybe some mess-free finger painting would help loosen him up a bit, but he is still a little reserved, preferring just to use his finger.

We started off with some paint, a piece of paper, and a Ziploc bag. The paint shown in the photo is not enough. You need at least twice that much.

Then I gave it to him to squish around.

We found that using crayons on the outside of the bag made some neat lines.

I had to help him spread it around since he only wanted to use his fingers, but you can get some pretty designs.

It looks like it's just going to take him a little time before he's ready to really get his hands dirty.

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