September 6, 2011


I've recently been trying to give Red some independence and responsibility whenever I can, so I've started letting him help make his afternoon smoothie. I usually start with a small amount of juice (either vegetable or pomegranate) and milk. Usually 1/8 cup of each mixed together.
Then we add the fruit. I usually keep some frozen fruit on hand to throw in, or I'll use any fresh fruit that looks like it's about to go bad. Sometimes I sneak in a fruit that Red is refusing to eat on its own...lately that's been kiwi. Today we used fresh strawberries and peaches.
 Letting him help has been a great opportunity to talk about different fruits and and their qualities (soft, cold, squishy, juicy, etc.) Here he is discovering what happens when you squeeze a peach. Turns out it gets juice all over your floor.
We finish up by adding a few spinach leaves and a tsp. of ground flax seeds. Then we mix it all up.
When it's all done you taste the fruits of your labor. Educational and yummy.

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