September 25, 2011

Tot School - 15.5 Months

Red is currently 15.5 Months.
Another week of tot school accomplished! I think we might be getting the hang of this! Here are our shelves this week.

We had an autumn basket this week with different fall items. It was great for work on vocabulary. I named the items as he pulled them out. We also started a nature basket that contains real items (instead of some of the fake stuff in this basket). I'll post of photo of that next week.

Our focal book was I Love Fall. It's a Touch-and-Feel book, so there were lots of textures to discuss.

He had a puzzle.

Some nesting blocks.

 A tray with washers and empty thread spools to slide onto dowel rods.

A Melissa and Doug block train.

He tried to put the blocks on his toes.

Pom poms to push into a container with a hole in the lid.

And zip-ties to place into an empty soy sauce bottle.

His attention to some of the trays dwindled toward the end of the week like last time. I think the train and the autumn basket were probably his favorites. We also did several art projects that I included in separate posts. And that was our week!

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