September 7, 2011

Tree Blocks.

I recently saw a post at Counting Coconuts for these tree blocks. Red's grandparents had a bunch of scrap limbs and offered to make some for him. They came up with a really neat twist. They drilled a hole through the blocks so that they would stack onto a dowel rod.

Then they drilled holes in the sides for smaller 'branches.'
 Then they added a few leaves.

 And a bird and a nest.
 And you have a tree!
There are plenty of blocks to use just for stacking too.
This is a toy that will grow with Red for a long time. Right now he does best at putting the big blocks on the main dowel rod. He enjoys threading the small dowels by themselves. And of course he loves the bird!
And I love that it all fits inside a shoebox!
I'm pretty in love with this new toy!

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