October 28, 2011

Spider Web Painting.

Red and I painted a spider web today. I started off by marking a crude spider web in painters' tape.

Then Red started painting. I gave him a dish brush to use, but it seemed like it was absorbing all the paint instead of smearing it on the cardboard. It worked okay, but...

Then we tried fingers for a little while. He still just wants to use his pointer fingers only, but he definitely enjoyed it (and even snuck a taste, silly boy).

And we finished up with these brushes.

Here is the finished product. This would be really cool on white poster board with black paint. I didn't dare give my silly boy black paint when he is still working on rules like "Don't throw the paintbrush full of paint right onto Mommy's shirt." He broke that rule today. Also, we have to strictly enforce the "Don't eat paint" rule. He conscientiously objects to all "Don't eat..." type of rules.

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  1. LOVE this!!! We're doing spiders late next month as part of our bug unit. I need to remember this!