October 9, 2011

Tot School - 10.9.11

-Red is currently 16 months old-

Theme: Cars

We had a fun week of activities, and some great weather to enjoy them! Here are the shelves this week.

One tray had dry spaghetti and an empty spice container to put it in.

Another had this marble maze I made awhile back.

And there was a tray of simple puzzles I made by cutting some wooden animal shapes (from Michaels).

Red was funny; he kept saying "uh oh" while he held the severed butterfly :)

Some of the toys he enjoyed this week were his stacking rings, bristle blocks, and a puzzle (not pictured).

We also explored the nature basket a little more.

And he had a basket filled with balls and cars that we attempted to sort. While Red definitely knows the difference between the two objects, he didn't really get the concept of sorting yet.


We read the book Go Dog Go by P.D. Eastman. (Sorry for the sideways photo!)


We listened to The Wheels on the Bus by Raffi and played with his instruments and toy bus.

Practical Life

He did a little car washing


And we played with our cars in play-doh and a bowl of white mud.


He had a truck peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch one day.


And made car tracks with liquid chalk. Dad even got in on the fun and helped Red color sort his traffic light.


We had a great time driving the cars along our chalk road.

And playing with his Criss Cross Crash track

This boy loves his cars!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great week! My little boy loves his cars and trucks too. I like the little animal puzzles you made. That is a cool idea.