November 29, 2011

Christmas Sensory Bin.

With Christmas season upon us, we had to make a new sensory bin. This one was fun to put together (maybe because I love all things Christmas!). The base is a string of garland/tinsel that I cut into pieces.

Then I added some red and green pom poms, some miniature bows, a few mini frosted pine cones, Christmas erasers, ‘mirrored’ stars, plastic red and green jewels, and mini Christmas clothespins.


I added some green tongs and a red scoop, as well as a Christmas tin and glass jar for him to practice sorting or scooping or whatever he wanted. I also added an apple cinnamon candle for a little added sensory experience. And just to be festive and encourage a little imaginary play, I put in a mini gingerbread man, mini nutcracker, and a mini stocking.

He has been in a stage where he likes to put objects in one container, then move them to another, then back again. So, he spent some time putting things into the tin or jar and then back into the bin.

  11-29-11 072

The tinsel filled the bin a little more than the usual rice or beans, and he had fun playing with it and digging through it.

We’ll have fun playing with this over the next several weeks!

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