November 13, 2011

Tot School - 11.13.11

-Red is currently 17 months old-

Red's language is really starting to take off. It's neat to watch him. It seems like he learns several new words a day. Along with that, he has begun asserting his independence more and more. He's starting to have more preferences about things like which jacket to wear outside, and I hear the word "No" many times a day.

 Theme: Circles, Pizza

We had a fun week of tot school this week. Here are the shelves:

Top left cubby has his Wedgits. Red loves these. They fit together in so many different configurations that he almost always has success when building with them. I think they're pretty fun too!

In the top right cubby is a puzzle and his shape sorter.

Middle left is a Melissa & Doug pizza party set. Red enjoyed this a toy a lot this week too. He liked to add the toppings and cut the slices. I loved hearing him say "mushoom" and "peppah" (mushroom & pepper).

Middle right cubby had his Melissa & Doug magnetic dressing doll. His favorite part was switching out the different hats--he has a thing about hats :)

In the bottom left cubby are his tree blocks. He's getting better and threading the blocks onto the dowel rod. His favorite part was the fake bird in the little nest.

Bottom right was his circles basket full of things from around the house shaped like circles.

I always love to see how he plays with these miscellaneous baskets. He tried fitting the puzzle piece inside the masking tape. Then he accidentally rolled the masking tape on its edge and thought that was soooo cool, so he had to work to recreate it :)


We checked out lots of pizza-themed books from the library.

He loved Let's Make Pizza, probably because it had real photographs and was short. He also liked Pizza at Sally's and Curious George and the Pizza Party. He sat through the whole story every time we read those. It surprised me that he would listen to the Curious George book all the way through, because it's a little long for him, but he sat through it many times. It reminds me to introduce him to things I may not think he's "ready" for, because sometimes he surprises me!


We listened to Aikendrum by Raffi, because of the line "his mouth was made of pizza, pizza, pizza..."


Red played with his Thanksgiving sensory bin this week.

I used several different kinds of animal feed from the hardware store as a base (corn kernels, bird seed, peanuts, etc). Red liked sorting the peanuts into a jar. He tried the tongs a little, but they are still difficult for him to use.


We made a pizza, of course! It was a pesto chicken pizza, and it was delicious. Even Red thought so. He had trouble not eating everything as we made it!


We made circle prints in a pizza box this week. We also made a pizza out of shapes.


Red and Dad set up a little 'baby abacus.' Red enjoyed sliding the balls back and forth, but his favorite thing was crawling under the string.

We had a little history time this week too when we went to a local cemetery on Veterans Day.

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  1. LOVE the tree blocks!! Did you make those or buy them? Very fun sensory bin too! I'd love for you to link up at my TGIF linky Party - I am also your newest follower. I'd love for you to follow me back, if you want =-)

  2. Love the string and the balls. So fun!!

  3. We made the tree blocks from an old limb. They have been a fun toy! I'd be happy to follow you on your blog--love to see your ideas!