November 6, 2011

Tot School - 11.7.11

-Red is currently 17 months old-

Theme: Purple

We talked about colors a lot this week and focused on purple in particular. Here are the shelves for the week.

Top left shelf had his pegboard and stacking pegs. 
Top right had a shape sorter and a puzzle. 
Middle left had washers and empty thread spools to thread onto dowel rods (see this tot school post for a photo). He was always good at threading the washers, but he has gotten much better with the spools in the last month and a half.

Middle right had his Connect Four game.

Bottom left had a tray for matching colored blocks to the same color paper.

Bottom right had a basket full of purple items I found around the house. This basket can almost be used as a heuristic play basket since none of the items are meant to 'go' together in a purposeful way (see this tot school post for more about heuristic play). Red invented his own game of putting a pom pom into a ball with a hole in the top. It's neat to see how he uses the items together on his own.


We read a lot of good books this week. Red loves Counting Colors, because it's full of items for him to name. He also really liked Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton because of the silly turkey. And Purple Little Bird had a really cute storyline.

Practical Life

We hung a bird feeder and squirrel feeder in our yard for the animals. Red helped me fill the bird feeder with handfuls of seed. We will enjoy watching the animals out of our window. It was a good chance to talk about how the weather was getting colder and it would be harder for the animals to find food.


We tried a shaving cream sensory activity, but Red is still very reluctant to get messy.

I only have a few photos, because I had to get in there myself and lead by example if I wanted him to touch it at all. We used food coloring to dye it purple, which was a nice color mixing introduction. But he never did really get into this activity.

We also played with some play-doh that I dyed purple using grape Kool-Aid.


We did lots of coloring with purple markers and crayons. Red had fun decorating a box in purple.

He also colored with a bathtub crayon just for fun. This boy loves to color!

 Even on himself :)

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  1. Oh I love the purple box! I want to make some mini colour bags for my boys but need to pick up some other things to add to them...and either sew bags of find a set with a couple different colours. So many idea, but never enough time {and motivation!} is my problem.

    The counting colours book looks sweet- we don`t have any of your books pictures actually. I will add them to my never ending list of books to buys for my boys.

    Enjoy your next week of Tot School

  2. Oh it looks like you had so much fun! I was thinking about trying the color box for my daughter (she'll be 15 mos. this week). Our little ones really do inspire us to find our inner teacher!

  3. I've started to get a lot of our books from the library. My library lets you put things on hold online with your library card, which is a lifesaver. Toddlers don't sit still and let you search for thematic books very well.

    The color box was a lot of fun. He was very intrigued by it since it has items he often doesn't get to play with in it.

  4. LOVE the hair color....I have a little red-head with blue eyes of my own. :) Looks like you had a GREAT week. Thank you for sharing.