December 18, 2011

Tot School – 1.15.12

-Red is currently 19 months old-

Theme: Snow

The weather has been crazy this week. We’ve had days in the 60’s and days where the windchill was 5. But we did get one good day of snow, which was perfect for our theme! On the shelves this week:

Honeybee Tree game. We practiced taking turns and putting the leaf stems into the holes.

Pouring beans. He really enjoys pouring activities, and does a pretty good job. It’s good practice for cleaning up spills too.


Putting stir sticks in a parmesan cheese container. This is another favorite. He likes working on snapping the lid open and closed too.


Blue basket. He learned some new vocabulary—sponge, crepe paper.

Blocks. He got these really cool blocks for Christmas. He loves putting the smaller pieces inside the larger ones.

Thread spools, washers, and dowel rods (oh my!). Red loves this homemade toy. The spools are more challenging to thread onto the dowels, but the washers make such a great clanking noise. So much to love!


We got a lot of great snow-themed books from the library this week.

It's Snowing!Snow Party

The Jacket I Wear in the SnowSnow Happy!

Mouse's First Snow

Red and I had differing opinions on our favorite books this week. He loved Snow Happy and Mouse’s First Snow, but I was partial to It’s Snowing, and I loved Snow Party.


Red played with his winter sensory bin.

And he also got his hands in some snowy play dough. I added silver and white glitter to this play dough recipe.


Edible snowballs. We made some awesome peanut butter snowballs.


Snowflake prints. Red made this fun snowflake with a paint roller and a paper snowflake.

Ice cube painting. He got his hands chilly with some frozen paint.

Snow scene painting. And he made a snow scene that turned into a blizzard!


Heading out to play in the snow!

Lots of snowy fun! Linking up to tot school at 1+1+1=1.


  1. Lots of lovely activities! Love the beaded star as a gift- I am sure Grandma will treasure it.

    Have a lovely Christmas.

  2. Love to see what Red is up too :)