January 27, 2012

Arctic Sea Tub.

Red loves water play, so I made him a little arctic sea tub. I used Crayola Color Bath Dropz to tint the water blue and added some sudsy dish soap for snow.

That’s about where the arctic comparison stops. The water was very warm and instead of penguins and polar bears, we had to make do with tigers, giraffes, rhinoceroses, and elephants swimming in the water. He didn’t mind, though.


The dish soap made really great bubbles. I used a straw to blow more whenever they would start to disappear.

He played with this for an hour, and by the end…


  1. I can imagine my tot climbing in too, for the complete sensory experience! I'm setting up an arctic type sensory activity tomorrow and am going to use the Crayola bath dropz too. Hope my tot has just as much fun as yours did. Stopping by from Tot School, Our Homespun Haven.

  2. I hope your little one enjoyed the arctic sensory tub. I think anything that involves water is pretty much guaranteed to please!