January 2, 2012

Free Art Kit.

In the new year, I am renewing my focus on free, unstructured art time. I’m a sucker for a theme, so it’s easy for me to get too crafty and start guiding Red into creating something specific. He invariably resists this, and then we end up feeling like art time was a failure. So we’re going to try to institute Free Art Fridays to make sure we’re focusing on the process and not the product. We may end up doing this more than once a week, but this is where we’ll start.

To help, I put together a kit with items Red can use as he sees fit. I included a small sampling of many different items, and I can always add more if he’s drawn to them. I’ve been reading the wonderful book First Art: Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos by MaryAnn Kohl, and she suggests giving young toddlers a choice between only a couple items when they are first starting out, and adding more choices when they are more experienced. This is my plan. Here is the kit:

I’ve included chalk, yarn pieces, cotton balls, stickers, crayons, ribbon pieces, envelopes, pom poms, fabric scraps, a paper plate, feathers, markers, hole punches in a cup, mailing labels, misc. scrap paper, and popsicle sticks. Let the exploration begin!

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