January 24, 2012

Homemade Snow Jar.

After seeing many of these slow motion glitter jars all over Pinterest, I decided to make one for Red. Some parents use these as time out jars. The child must sit still and watch until all the glitter has settled before getting up and returning to play. They can be very calming. We aren’t using it for that, but it’s a wonderful idea if it would work for your child.

We are using ours for fun. We talk about how it looks like the glitter is snow swirling and floating to the ground. I also added a penguin for a little extra fun! Right now, it is a supervised activity only. I don’t want to find out what happens when a jar of glitter and glue spills on your carpet.

It was easy to make. I filled a jar with warm water, glitter, glitter glue, and a little clear glue. You can add food coloring too. I didn’t only because I wanted it to look like snow.

Clear Day

Blizzard Conditions

Snow Flurries

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