January 11, 2012

Ice Cube Painting.

Even though the weather has been in the mid-50’s this month, we still got our hands chilly with a little ice cube painting. I first saw this idea here at No Time for Flash Cards. The night before, I put some paint in an ice cube tray, added water, and stirred each one with a toothpick to distribute the paint more evenly.


Then when it was time to paint, I popped a few cubes out and set up a baking pan with a piece of construction paper inside. Since I’ve been letting Red paint unrestrained, the pan helped to control the slippery ice cubes.

It took Red a little bit to get used to the coldness. I had a towel ready to clean and warm his hands. At first, the paint was almost like a crayon, but as they melted, they looked like watercolors.

He wanted me to draw circles again today, and he colored them in. Here is his finished work!

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