January 10, 2012

Snowflake Prints.

We got back in the swing of tot school today after a couple weeks off. I think we were both ready! I was brave and let Red paint while standing up and unrestrained. He did very well. I had visions of paint on the walls and rug, but he kept it contained.
We made snowflake prints by first cutting out a snowflake and taping it to a paper plate. I used two different methods of taping, and they both turned out pretty well.

Then I gave Red a roller brush and let him spread the paint around. He liked using the brush and his finger too!

After doing two snowflakes, I gave him a plate to smear paint on. He was engaged with this for a really long time. He enjoyed seeing how the look of the paint changed with the roller brush vs. his finger vs. the metal part of the roller. He would ask me to draw shapes in the paint with my finger, and then he would erase them with his hand. We went through a lot of paint, but it was well worth it for all the sensory input!

Here is his finished work!

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