February 17, 2012

Free Drawing in Salt with a Popsicle Stick.

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I was a little unsure how this project would go, but Red was really engaged with it. He spent a good 20 minutes playing and creating.

I took one of his trays and covered it with a thin layer of salt. There are tutorials on how to dye salt, but the white provided a good contrast against the tray, so I left it as is. I gave him a couple popsicle sticks, but he had just as much fun using his hands. The salt has a really nice cool feeling as it runs through your hand.

He often asks me to draw shapes for him, so we talked about different shapes. His other favorite thing for me to draw is a sun, moon, or stars.

At first I had reservations about this project (1) because of the mess and (2) because I would be wasting quite a bit of salt. It turned out that it was pretty messy. I swept, but I still get salt on the bottom of my feet sometimes when walking through the kitchen. But I solved the waste problem by saving it for use in homemade play dough in the future. In the end, I was glad I did it.

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