February 15, 2012

Heart Collage.

I wanted to call this post ‘I Heart Collage,’ but I actually don’t. They never seem to go well for us, but we tried it again today anyway. I cut out a bunch of hearts out of construction paper while Red colored the background sheet.

Then Red helped me cover the page with glue. He helped me hold the bottle while I squeezed—he’s not able to squeeze it hard enough by himself yet. And, of course, he helped spread it around. His milk is missing in this second shot, because he dumped a little of that into the mix as well.

Then we stuck on the hearts. It sounds deceptively simple.

What you don’t see is the huge meltdown he had afterward because I wouldn’t continue to squeeze all the glue onto the page. Putting the hearts on the page is not nearly as fun as playing with the glue. Oh well, I guess collages will continue to be our most unloved art form.

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