February 16, 2012

Heart Doilies.

I bought some of those heart-shaped paper doilies at the craft store thinking they would be perfect for a Valentine’s craft. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do with them, but I figured we’d just wing it.

So today we got out the paints and experimented with the paper doilies. It turns out that they are quite fragile when under the influence of wet paint. And my aggressive little painter doesn’t help the situation. It’s a rare occasion when he doesn’t rip his paper while painting.

I started off by gluing the heart on with a glue stick that says it is 'repositionable'. Then Red painted over it.

I was able to pull the doily off when he was done, and aside from the fact that the bottom of the heart ripped off, it worked pretty well.

After that he painted some individual hearts and when they were dry, I glued them to the page.

I love my little Valentine’s artwork, rips and all!

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