April 13, 2012

Ball Painting.

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We used this great spiky ball to do some painting today. Because of a Sesame Street episode, Red has started calling it ‘stupendous ball.’ Needless to say, this activity was right up his alley.

He enjoyed exploring the feel of it on his hands

And his feet.

He didn’t throw the paint-covered ball even once to my relief!


  1. I love the activities you do with Red and I really appreciate you giving a good account of how it worked out. I didn't even consider the throwing part, but dugh!, of course... toddler + ball + paint = wall art!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I was a little nervous, because he is big on throwing balls. I think it helped to try to keep him engaged and then end the painting the minute he seemed to tire of it. That way he didn't have a chance to think about the other uses of balls :)