April 28, 2012

Butterfly Collage.

This project was based on another great post at No Time for Flash Cards. I had a piece of green foam, so I used it to cut out a butterfly silhouette. After that, I cut out the middle and trimmed some contact paper to fit behind it. Red prefers to do collages (or camouflages, as he calls them) on the wall, so I taped it up with some painters tape.

I gave him lots of pieces of ribbon, string and crepe paper to stick on it. He was very precise about it and lined up all the pieces of ribbon parallel to each other.

When he was finished, I punched a hole and threaded a piece of string through it so we could hang it from the window by his table.

Since I had that entire middle section of foam leftover, I gave Red some dot stickers to stick on his butterfly. I love these dot stickers, because they are inexpensive and easy for Red to pull of the backing himself. He has to work at it a little, but it’s great for his little pincer grasp.

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