April 25, 2012

Colored Glue Butterfly.

After seeing this fun post at No Time for Flash Cards, I whipped up some colored glue for Red. We only had one half empty bottle of glue, so green was the only color option. He didn’t mind the lack of selection; I think he was just thrilled to be able to use the glue by himself unrestrained. The colored glue is really easy to make—just drop some food coloring in with the glue and use a skewer to stir it up.

It was a little hard for him to squeeze out, but he kept working at it. It was a great workout for those little hand muscles. He covered a sheet of construction paper, and then I just stuck the coffee filter wings onto the glue and let him decorate some more. After he was done, I added the pipe cleaners. He did another one with dot painters too. Below is his take on the classic coffee filter butterfly craft!

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