May 17, 2012

Mouse Small World.

I have been trying to guide Red into more pretend play, but he hasn’t fully embraced it yet. I figure the more we practice, the more comfortable he’ll be initiating it on his own. With this in mind, I created a small little mouse world inside a shoebox for him to explore.

There was shredded paper for the floor, a furry little mouse bed made from a scrap of fabric, a thread spool table, some small block chairs, a little poker chip plate, some pieces of cheese cut from a Cheez-It box, and a little magazine art for the walls.

There was also a butter tub bathtub with a brush (from a kit for cleaning golf club heads).

He enjoyed giving the mice baths.

And walking them through the mouse hole door. He also had fun sending them down the slide (the red foam block in the corner).

If you are very crafty or have some extra cash laying around, this mouse house at My Sweet Muffin is adorable!

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