September 4, 2012

“Cat in the Hat” Hat

We recently added some new Dr. Seuss titles to Red’s library, and he has fallen in love with the mischievous Cat in the Hat. Dr. Seuss books are so much fun to read, so we grab them a lot. In honor of “C” week and the great Seuss, we made this Cat in the Hat Hat from No Time for Flash Cards.

First he painted the paper red.

Then he painted the paper plate.

I cut some white strips of paper while he was busy painting, and he helped me glue them.

Then came his favorite part of the painting process…cleaning up! He loves to help rinse the brushes.

After it all dried, I cut a hole in the plate and taped the body of the hat to it (see the link above for better instructions). It could use an elastic chin strap to help it stay on, but I think he thought it was funny to try to hold very still and balance it on his head. I got LOTS of smiles :)

And we had to read the book afterward, of course!

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