September 27, 2012

Ice Cube Letters

I got these really cool alphabet silicone molds and have been putting them to good use. I used blue Kool-Aid to dye some water and then froze it in the molds to make an icy alphabet. In hindsight, the Kool-Aid wasn’t the best choice for dying the water, because Red’s hands ended up looking like this for a few hours:

But maybe that’s part of the fun—blue hands! He worked on scooping them.

But he preferred just using his hands and lining them up as he named the letters. It makes for some educational sensory play!

His toes even got involved!

He was disappointed when they melted, but it was a good little science lesson to see that the letters melt faster on the driveway than they do in the bowl. I just had to promise to make some more!

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