September 26, 2012

Tot School – 9.23.12

-Red is currently 27.5 months old-


Letter: G

Theme: Goats/Farm Animals

Tot Trays & Learning Toys

1. Matching star stickers. I cut up a sheet of star stickers so that the backer was separate from the stickers and let Red put the stickers back into the holes of the backer. He liked this okay, but it wasn’t his favorite.

2. Farm Cube Puzzle. This puzzle was much too difficult, but he enjoyed just playing with the blocks.

3. Tonging shapes into a paint tray. My little guy has never gotten the hang of tweezing/tonging. I keep trying, but he hasn’t shown much interest yet.

4. See Saw Sorter. He seemed to like this toy. It was fun to add the blocks and watch it start to balance.

5. Putting animal blocks into empty wipe container. He enjoyed this activity. It was a good one to pull out if I needed to go get something done. It kept his attention for a long time (relatively speaking).


For some reason he never wanted to do his printables from 1+1+1=1 this week. We had a busy week, so I may have not offered it enough or at the right times.

He worked on sorting capital and lower case letter “G” beans into parmesan containers.

To see what other tots are learning about this week, visit 1+1+1=1!

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